February 27, 2017

Hands-on Workshops: As Rare as Hen’s Teeth (Here’s Your Chance to Attend One in the Twin Cities!)

Webinars, podcasts, and other online learning.  This is an excellent way to enhance your knowledge about a topic and also earn CEUs. However, it is becoming a rare treat to attend a hands-on workshop where you are meeting the speaker and sharing thoughts and perspective with your fellow participants in the old school way.  Face to face. Such an opportunity is coming to the Twin Cities on April 14, 2012.  

The Twin Cities Association for Psychological Type will sponsor Dick Thompson as he presents an outstanding workshop on psychological type as it relates to decision making under stress.  Dr. Thompson is the author of the book The Stress Effect:  Why Smart Leaders Make Dumb Decisions.   Dick Thompson’s unique background as a psychologist, researcher and former Green Beret commander comes together in his newest work on understanding how stress affects a leader’s decision-making ability.

This workshop will add the dynamics of psychological type and will focus on these core learning objectives: 1. How can we  build resilience? 2. How can leaders recognize signs of stress? 3. How does stress impact decision making? 4. How can the len of psychological type impact stress and decision making? 5.  How can psychological type be applied to improve decision making strategies?

Register now so you can proceed to the online Arsenal Assessment Tool* , an integral part of the workshop package.

(Note if you are a member of TC-APT or a partner organization, you may use the discount code TCAPTapril-discount.  If you are not a member, please  JOIN TC-APT  NOW and receive the discount.)

*The ARSENAL™ Individual Assessment presents a summary of each of the seven best practice areas that most influence your ability to combat the negative effects of stress and your current level of performance in each area. The Full Report includes a Developmental Plan Outline that you can use to help you begin working on these areas immediately.


  1. Dick is an enlightened and enlightening presenter. I hope all who have the day available can come as it will be a super experience. I can say that as I have experienced Dick Thompson in several different contexts. You will be glad you came! Sandra Krebs Hirsh

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