October 18, 2014

TCAPT is a professional association of consultants, authors, researchers and corporate personnel dedicated to the practical and ethical use of type theory, as popularized by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Join us to keep current on the latest research, resources, and training tools. We feature monthly meetings, workshops and webinars as well as the opportunity to meet other type practitioners to share experiences and information.

Featured Blog Posts

A Mystery for Summer, June 13

 Susan Hawkins and Nick Ruehl will reveal  the "mystery" on Friday 13 June. Handwriting Analysis can be used to get a "gestalt" view of another person's life approach. We can us it to validate an MBTI profile, and/or validate the handwriting through MBTI analysis. And … a few hints about next year agenda! You won't want to miss this season's closer. … [Read More...]

Health And Wellness, May 9

Dr. Liana Lianov led a Health and Wellness Symposium at the APTi Conference in Miami last summer. She believes type functions support health and personal wellness. Her recent book:    My Happy Avatar: Use Your Mobile Device & Personality to Transform Your Health will give more information about her suggestions to use your mobile phone, computer tablet and your personality type to become healthier. You can learn more about Dr. Liana Lianov @ her LinkedIn website: http://www.linkedin.com/in/lianalianov. Preparation before our session: 1. What’s your favorite form of exercise? 2. How do you enhance your own personal sense of wellness? Presenter: Dave Pretty … [Read More...]

Is Your Impact A Plus A Minus Or A Mystery? April 11

Presenters: Marilyn Corrigan, Sandra Hirsh        Type Practitioners need self awareness before they facilitate it in others. In order to be respectful, ethical and professional, type people need to know the roles they play; the effectiveness they exhibit in those roles; and the impact they have on themselves’ the clients and organizations they serve. Awareness of the “selves within” and others expectations of the roles they play are crucial to the success in putting type into action. In this session participants will explore what they see as the role of psychological type in their way of being when they are at their best and, almost more importantly, when they are stressed. Participants will discuss what insight into their personal development they gained from taking Step I, Step II and Step III. What have people learned from others and from their own work that will prevent their own issues from muddling their work results? The facilitators will offer their own stories of … [Read More...]

Stories around experiences of Extraverted and Introverted Types, March 14

TC-APT will host a conversation with Susan Hawkins and Jan Fredrickson on the extravert and introvert preferences. The program will feature stories' around their own experiences of E and I. Audience comments and stories will be welcome. Susan Hawkins is the panel moderator. The session will be in Room 20 on the lower level. … [Read More...]

Let’s Get Visual–Using Images to Clarify Type–Feb. 14

Words, words...words...sometimes they aren't enough. Take this opportunity to explore using symbols and similes to transform type language into visual images that enhance learningand create the "aha" moments we all desire for clients. Helping them find "Best Fit" type is an art form and it's important that we get it right. Jane Kise will be guiding us through New Zealander Sue Blair's (ESTJ) methods that Sue shared in a keynote presentation at the APTi Conference in Miami last summer--with Sue's permission, of course! We'll see Sue's images for the function pairs and key dominant functions, and then pool our wisdom and imaginations to express clearly the meaning of other functions to creatively help others understand why we find type concepts so compelling. Jane Kise, EdD, is the author of over 20 books and frequently speaks around the world on type concepts. … [Read More...]